Walking into a gale …

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and waking up to life

I was on Dartmoor and it was blowing a gale; I could hardly stand up. The South West winds were whipping off the Atlantic and a weather warning had been issued for the afternoon. Dartmoor is an exposed landscape that takes the full brunt of the winds. I was trudging through the weather with upmost respect for Nature’s power and using a window of opportunity before the worst of the storm blew in.
It was grey and monochrome, the only pools of brightness were gorse flowers. They were like puddles of yellow across the dull hillsides. Low clouds sped overhead. At one point a spotlight of sun found a chink in the clouds and raced down the hillside valley and up the other side.
When I looked towards the dark dark skies over Plymouth I knew rain was on its way. Fat pillars of grey reached down to the ground, moving closer.  Suddenly a curtain of rain swept in front of me and in the next instant I was being peppered by hard bullets of rain, stinging my skin.
It felt like I had been slapped violently awake; then it was gone as fast as it had arrived. Rather than go through a sheltered valley I deliberately trekked to the highest point and paused at the top of Butterdon hill. It was exhilarating and I knew without doubt that we have been given the greatest gift of all. The gift of life. Here I was standing in and with Nature. Rather than trudging in my normal hypnotised, sanitised  way through life I was being shaken awake. The landscape was fiercely alive, inviting my soul to ignite with the same passion.
Alan Watts talks of life being a composition of music – something to be enjoyed and played. As I soaked up this Dartmoor landscape I knew he was right. We are here to dance with life, to play with it and to sing.
I listened to a recording of Alan Watts before heading onto the moor and his words touched me deeply. Check out Alan Watt’s recording here
There are times I dance with life and there is an expansive freedom to my movement and experience. Then there are times I am self-conscious and constrained. When I feel like this I know, like the weather, my feelings will blow on through and fresh emotions will emerge again.
If you are inspired by dancing with life and getting back in touch with the spark that lights you up, then check out my daily walking audios (released on Facebook each weekday). They’re only a few minutes long and they’ll help you reconnect. Here’s the one I released on Monday which shares the walk I talk about in this email.
P.S. I (Liz) am running a two and a half day transformational programme with a dear friend and colleague (Caroline Brewer). If you find yourself overthinking and ‘getting in your own way’ then this September programme will be perfect for you.  You can email me if you’d like more information or if you would like a conversation to see if it is the right fit for you. This is perfect if you find work can sometimes feel overwhelming and your levels of stress are high.
P.P.S Do you know someone who could do with reconnecting to their true selves? I’ve produced a free resource to support people –  they’ll receive the 28 days of 3-5 min audios delivered to their inbox. Of course you can sign up too if you like! Here is how you sign up

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