2 cyclists, 4 panniers and a dog

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Last week I sank into a space of deep relaxation; a mind so settled that I ceased thinking about anything much at all. At the time we were on a cycling trip, from north Devon (about 90 miles) with Buzz our labradoodle in his trailer. It might not suit everyone, but this is one of the ways that Stu and I relax!

Liz, Stu and BuzzThe journey was mainly on old railway lines and we were wowed by the views, the pace of life and the simplicity. We felt so blessed as we admired the magnificent estuary at Barnstaple, and the soaring moors, tors and blue skies near Okehampton.

There was such a gentle rhythm  as we cycled steadily from town to village. Progress was slow with the dog. Buzz was either in the trailer or trotting beside us. We pedalled, free-wheeled and stopped for coffees and snacks all the way from Barnstaple to home.

With no computer, email or social media distractions I started noticing thoughts slip in and out of my head. Sometimes I was focussing on the scenery or keeping an eye on Stu and the dog; other times I shut out the external world and bathe in my thoughts.

Isn’t it curious how thoughts come and go? They rise and fall like my feet on the pedals.  On the bike I noticed the transient nature of thoughts as they mingled with the sound of my breathing, the push on the pedals and the whir of wheels on tarmac.

There is a wonderful simplicity to life and when I touch this simplicity I am moved to the core. This is when life ceases to be complicated and the journey is simple. It is not about changing the world, being successful or doing great things. Life is about one step (pedal) at a time and savouring the beauty of what it is to be alive.

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P.S Would you like to know how the Three Priniciples relates to sport? Stu is helping to organise a great golf event is coming up at Bigbury Golf Club. A golf pro is coming to Devon to talk about the inside-out coaching model and its impact. Sam Jarman, the author of ‘The Three Principles of Outstanding Golf’ will share how stumbling across a new psychological understanding transformed his game and his coaching. He’ll share why mental tools, techniques, and strategies don’t work. If you’re a golfer, sports enthusiast and/or keen on the 3Ps then this will be a perfect evening event. Tickets are £25 on Thursday 25th August. Book here

P.P.S. I’m trialling a new audio series where I take you on a Dartmoor walk over the course of the week. Each day is less than 5 minutes long. You can keep posted via our Facebook page as each audio is released daily. Here’s an example of one which is uploaded on Soundcloud

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