100 days to write a book

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I’ve set myself a challenge. To write and publish a book in 100 days. Day one started on 30th October. Every time I think of the challenge I feel a twinge of nervousness – have I bitten off more than I can chew?

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Why a 100 day challenge? Why now?

Last week I gave myself a ‘good talking to’ and below is what I wrote. Be warned don’t read any further if you don’t like strong language!

Kick Ass: It’s time to get off your lazy arse and get writing. I’m bored of hearing your repetitive ‘dream’ of writing a book. I’m tired or reading your email blogs and saying how great you are and suggesting you should write a book. I’m fed up of hearing how you’re brewing an idea for a book. Just shut the f*** up and write it.

Me: But I’m trying. Honestly I’m trying. I’m writing blogs, articles and I’ve even got a chapter being published in a book. I get a bit stuck though. Should I use old material or write new material? Do I start at the beginning? I kind of go around in circles not know where to start. It’s not as easy as it looks.

Kick Ass: This is boring (Yawn). You’ll never have the right thing written, you’ll never be happy with what you write. You’ll never put together the book that will be ‘right’– it’s impossible. So just write the bloody book, get it out there, use it as a learning experience and once it’s written start the next one.

Me: But how do I do that? I…

Kick Ass: You sit at the computer and you write. You write stuff that seems shit, stuff that seems great (and then shit when you reread it) and stuff that works. You get it self-published and you get it out there – end of story. This won’t be a best-seller, it won’t be a seminal piece of writing – it is likely to be slightly average and that’s fine. Just F***ing write it.

Me: I hear you. But …

Kick Ass: No buts.. I’m not interested. I’m going to give you 100 days. Write it in a 100 days. I don’t want any excuses. If you don’t deliver in 100 days you’ve failed. Get writing, get writing NOW

Me: You’re kidding right? 100 days? What to have a book completed in 100 days? That’s not possible, where do I start. I don’t even know what it’s about? Should it be spiritual/coaching/practical/a novel ?? How do I publish it? What’s it going to cost?

Kick Ass: That’s the deal – find out as you go along. Your 100 days starts on Sunday. So it’s slightly more than 100 days in reality – see I’ve given you a few days warning. But the timer starts on Sunday 30th – the 100 day count down is from then

Me: Ok – I’ll give it a go. I might need a bit of Kick Ass during this plan – will you be around?

Kick Ass: You bet

As you can see this is a slight deviation from my ‘normal’ blogposts. Hope you’ll support me on the journey.

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